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    We want to share the great news that ADF has been added to the list of “Trusted Azure service” for Azure Key Vault and Azure Storage (blob & ADLS Gen2)!! Now you can enable “Allow trusted Microsoft services” on AKV and Azure Storage for better network security, and your ADF pipelines will continue to run. There are two caveats to pay attention to: (1) In order for ADF to be considered as one of the “Trusted Microsoft services” you need to use MSI to authenticate to AKV or Azure Storage in the linked service definition, and (2) If you are running Mapping Data Flow activity – “Trusted Azure service” is not supported for Data Flow just yet and we are working hard on it.

    What is coming up? Here are the additional enhancements we are making for better network security:
    - Static IP range for Azure Integration Runtime so that…

    Bets Tadesse commented  · 

    If you have Azure App/Web Service running on your portal there is a way to trace all IP addressing landing at your web page/app. Same way to trace ADF IP - if you send a GET request from Azure Data Factory (using Azure Web Activity) to your website you will be able to read from what Public IP azure data factory is coming from.

    To do this -

    1. Create Azure App Service on the portal ( almost any spec will do for now).

    2. Go to your Azure App Service and look for Diagnostic Log or App Logging Settings then enable that. Now go to the Logs view. At this point, you will be able to pick up the public IP address of anyone requesting your page.

    3. Go to Azure Data factory use the Web Activity and type your web app/site address under the setting. Change the Web Activity request type to GET. Then Publish the pipeline and trigger the Activity.

    4. if you go to the Logs view window of the App Service, you should see the IP of the ADF from which the GET request was sent.

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