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    <=-=Jun 26 2017 1:02AM=-=>

    I have had the exact same issue, intermittently whenever I open script tasks all my code seems to have vanished and all the “ReadOnlyVaraiables” and “ReadWriteVariables” have also disappeared. It happens for c# and VB script tasks. This is is extremely frustrating and is impossible to develop a project when code randomly keeps disappearing. I’m wondering if this is a bug with Visual Studio 14.0.23107.0 D14REL. Can anyone at Microsoft shed some light on this please?

    <=-=Jun 29 2017 10:45PM=-=>

    Got the same problem. Seems like the Script Task is cleared when the project/Visual Studio i closed/shut down.

    <=-=Jul 18 2017 5:38PM=-=>

    Same problem for me, too. Once the original code in Script Task was still present after reloading the solution. But after that they are gone, along with ReadOnly/ReadWriteVariables and ConnectionManagers. I’m using SSDT 14.0.61705.170 (which just came out) with VS 14.0.25431.01 update…

    Raphael commented  · 

    Oh joy...! Microsoft simply ignoring an absolutely MAJOR issue... I'll add to the "me too" movement on this thread. It's now September 3rd, 2019... Mine is a bit different though, and I did not waste my time pinpointing exactly what workflow causes the problem. I do know that in my case, sometimes when I open the solution in VS 2019, I cannot access the package parameter(s). I mean, I click on parameters for the package, and there is NOTHING there. Expected behavior: I should see the parameter(s) for the package. My solution: I open VS2010, which is still installed on the machine, and I CAN see the parameter(s) again. Then, if I open VS2019, now I CAN see the parameter(s). Absolutely ridiculous that MS is not fixing this over, how many versions now???
    Be well everyone. R.

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