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    <=-=May 30 2017 3:46AM=-=>

    This also applies to the Debian packaging, where the way the packages verify EULA acceptance prevents us from automating their unattended installation.

    Whilst Microsoft seem to correctly set the debconf options to indicate that the EULA has been accepted, they do not check for the values on the initial installation (and possibly on upgrades — I’ve not checked).

    Since the source code for the packages doesn’t appear to have been released, I am unable to provide a patch. Hopefully these directions are useful for troubleshooting. See the following instructions to obtain the offending file:

    $ curl -o msodbcsql_13.1.7.0-1_amd64.deb
    $ dpkg-deb —raw-extract msodbcsql_13.1.7.0-1_amd64.deb msodbcsql
    $ cd msodbsql/
    $ cat DEBIAN/preinst

    The check_eula_acceptance() function here should check that a selection for the msodbcsql/accept_eula configuration option has not already been made. I’m also not sure you should be altering the seen value.

    This allows those…

    Markus Kuhn commented  · 

    I very much support this suggestion, this would be extremely helpful. Here another suggestion of how to rewrite function check_eula_acceptance() in msodbcsql17/DEBIAN/preinst in the Debian and Ubuntu packagages of Microsoft ODBC Driver for SQL Server:

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