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    This is an awesome idea, and we’re exploring a few options to make it a reality.
    However, the 600 connection limit per instance should be enough for most applications if you’re reusing or closing connections. If you truly need 600 open connections you are likely to run into the 10 minute timeout per execution.
    Even after we add this you will still need to be mindful of your connection management.

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    oleg commented  · 

    My case is even more frustrating, my C# (pseudo)code looks like this:

    await Task.WhenAll(container.GetAllBlobs().Select(blob=>blob.DownloadToFileAsync()));

    And when I get 10k items in the container I start encountering all kinds of socket exceptions, failed Azure Functions, silent function fails etc. I'm using .NET Azure storage SDK 9.1.1 and it's just spawning insane amounts of connections without resuing, closing them in-time or maybe not closing at all

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