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    Aaron Jones commented  · 

    A more experienced Mac user noted that you can go into system preferences -> general and turn scrollbars as "always on". One still doesn't appear to have use of the "scroll wheel" on the mouse/trackpad but at least you can use the scroll bar in the pane.

    Aaron Jones commented  · 

    It appears that if you fully refresh the page and let the Solutions page/tab fully render, then click on the Alerts Tab and wait for it to fully render, then mousing over the table will not allow you to scroll.

    However, if you refresh the page and click on the configuration Gear in the top right, then the Alerts tab and hover over the table before it fully renders then you are able to scroll.... most of the time.

    It doesn't appear to be completely consistent behaviour, but that may help you narrow it down.

    Aaron Jones commented  · 

    I have found in rare cases if I'm moving around on the screen/clicking between screen that in both Chrome and Safari that the scrollbar will show up momentarily, but it does not take much interaction with the portal for the scrollbar to disappear again. I can also see that all of the table-rows exist in the table when inspecting via Chrome.

    Aaron Jones shared this idea  · 

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