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    Thanks for the feedback. This is a great idea, to give the ability to put these directly into storage. We are investigating the changes to support this.

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    Tim Cook commented  · 

    Hi Cory

    Almost 6 months since Sergei added his voice.... The new portal is now the default for all users, and still have to revert back to old portal when it comes to updating Cloud Service by package deployment.

    Would be nice to be able to commit fully to the new portal.

    Hoping Santa really does exist!



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    Tim Cook commented  · 

    Hi Corey - as this is almost the same topic, I'll add my variation here.

    Due to internet speed issues in my part of the world I found it was more reliable to build a package in VS, upload to storage (typically when I have a good internet connection), then update Cloud Service from storage during off peak hours (often when I have a poor internet connection). The added benefit was I could rename the cspkg and cscfg prior to upload (insert yyyy-mm-dd prefix) which provided me with a deployment history in case of roll back.

    I have been trying out the Azure Preview and in spite of the negative feedback posted on this site I have found it to be pretty good (but only because I had seen Scott's Azure Friday Session and had a bit of an ide an on what to expect - http://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/videos/new-usability-improvements-in-the-azure-portal-with-chandrika-shankarnarayan/).

    My minor gripe is the new portal has unnecessarily reversed my workflow and does not allow me to upload to storage independently (with any blob upload tool) then deploy at my convenience. Instead, it forces me to do upload through the portal. Would appreciate this useful bit of old functionality being re-introduced.


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