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    We will see whether there is a way to do this with the Current Windows Azure PowerShell and if not, what it would take to provide such functionality.

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    VirtualRW commented  · 

    function Find-AllEndPoints

    # Param to get the subscription to use
    HelpMessage = "Enter Subscription Name or leave empty to use default subscription")]

    # Will change default subscription to what user entered
    if ($subscriptionaname)
    # This will capture the user current default subscription name
    $currentdefaulsub = Get-AzureSubscription -Default
    $currentsubname = $currentdefaulsub.SubscriptionName

    # This will set the default subscription to what the user inputed - if not left blank
    Set-AzureSubscription -DefaultSubscription $subscriptionaname

    #Gets all the Services in the subscription
    $allservices = Get-AzureService

    foreach ($allservices in $allservices)
    Write $allservices.servicename
    Get-AzureVM -ServiceName $allservices.servicename | ft -Property IpAddress, Powerstate -AutoSize
    get-azurevm -ServiceName $allservices.servicename | Get-AzureEndpoint | ft -Property localport, name, port, protocol -AutoSize


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