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    Quick update,

    We have been considering all of the risks and investigating the steps required to ensure we implement this feature with high positive impact and low to no negative impact.

    After this investigation we have decided we will enable Pay-As-You-Go customers the option to configure a spending limit on a Pay-As-You-Go subscription, with appropriate safeguards and measures to prevent both service abuse and production service failure.

    We have not yet finished determining the details of what this feature will look like, nor do we have a timeline for release, but we have heard your voices and have added this feature to our backlog.

    Thanks for your continued feedback,

    -Adam (Azure Billing Team)

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    I'm not going to even touch Azure again if there's no option to set a hard spending limit (or - preferably - buy some virtual currency with a real money and then use that virtual currency, instead of risking with my credit card).

    Right now, I'm pretty sure I can order a service that costs $45 000 a month (cognitive services) with a one miss-click, which is outrageously dangerous, to say the least.

    Maybe there is some confirmation page after that one click, I don't know, I'm not going to check this out, I'm not going to go bankrupt.

    Never again Microsoft, your service is just too much risk to take.

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