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    IPv6 in Azure VNET is currently previewing globally- in ALL Azure Public cloud regions.

    Announcement (Service Update):

    Links to Documentation & Samples
    Full documentation including sample scripts is available here:

    A sample JSON template is posted in the quickstart repository:

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    I just looked through the roadmap and it's still not there. Last week, we started migrating our app off of Azure onto IBM Softlayer because you can't support IPv6 security, which is a MANDATORY feature of IPv6. We need to create IPv6 IPsec connections and you can't support that. It's 2017 folks.

    I want a really simple, really straightforward solution: a static IPv6 address in my VM. The VM fully supports everything I need to do with IPv6. I don't need or want anything between the Internet and my VM other than maybe (and I could do without it) a firewall. I don't need features. I don't need load balancers. I don't need squat except a simple static IPv6 address. Why is that so hard?

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