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    I don't know if this is already planned or under review but I couldn't find anything about it when I searched. So here it goes...

    When creating deployment slots for a web app service the name you enter does not correctly transfer consistently across Azure, which I see can become confusing if you run multiple apps. I have a web app service called "cx-botbook-web" which have two additional deployment slots called "dev" and "test". And just for fun I also made another web app service called "example-app99" with the same additional deployment slots "dev" and "test". If you go to each web app service and list its deployment slots you can see that the deployment slot name is appended to the main web app service name, which for "example-app99" will be "example-app99-dev" and "example-app99-test" respectively. This is not the case when looking at the overview in the dashboard nor when I search from the top bar in Azure. They will just go by the name "dev" and "test" across all your web app services. I also tried to name my deployment slots by using the full name "example-app99-dev", but this resulted in the deployment slot name beign "example-app99-example-app99-dev".

    So let's say we have a scenario where we keep a consisting naming scheme across all our deployment slots and have 10 different apps. This will result in having 10 web apps in the dashboard overview and search listings having all the same name. So if I use the search bar and search for "example-app99-dev" this will result in no results, but "dev" will result in 10 apps having the same name and I need to manually find the right one to look for.

    I have added some screenshots to clarify my problem. Is this intentionally designed this way or would it make more sense to have the full deployment slot name being shown everywhere across Azure?

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