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    A common need for users of Azure Table Storage is searching data in a Table using query patterns other than those that Table Storage provides efficiently, namely key lookups and partition scans. Using Azure Search, you can index and search Table Storage data (using full text search, filters, facets, custom scoring, etc.) and capture incremental changes in the data on a schedule, all without writing any code. To learn more, check out Indexing Azure Table Storage with Azure Search:

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    Chris Dostert commented  · 

    @Will: you can use AWS CloudSearch service with ANY data store.. you just send your object to both storage medium(In-Memory, Azure TableStorage, AWS DynamoDB, SQL Server..etc) and the CloudSearch service. Because search as a service is probably going to be offered by all of the players in the game shortly(Google is also working on theirs and per this page Microsoft as well) I didn't want to tie my most recent project to AWS CloudSearch so I wrote a Search library that abstracts away your search implementation from any specific provider. Hypothetically speaking; when Microsoft and Google catch up and release their Search/Indexing as a Service offerings this library will allow you to use any or all of them without changing any of your dependent code. I haven't taken the time to publish any of it but if there were enough people interested i could publish the source on GitHub or equivalent and maybe put together a Nuget package with some documentation. -CD

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