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    Great news – static IP range for Azure Integration Runtime is now available in all ADF regions! You can whitelist specific IP ranges for ADF as part of firewall rules. The IPs are documented here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/data-factory/azure-integration-runtime-ip-addresses#azure-integration-runtime-ip-addresses-specific-regions. Static IP ranges for gov cloud and China cloud will be published soon!

    Please refer to this blog post on how you can use various mechanisms including trusted Azure service and static IP to secure data access through ADF:

    Service tag support will be made available in next few weeks. Please stay tuned!

    If your network security requirement calls for ADF support for VNet and cannot be met using Trusted Azure service (released in Oct 2019), static IP range (released in Jan 2020), or service tag (upcoming), please vote for VNet feature here: https://feedback.azure.com/forums/270578-data-factory/suggestions/37105363-data-factory-should-be-able-to-use-vnet-without-re

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    Wlodek Bielski commented  · 

    This is absolute showstopper for using Azure Data Factory with e.g. Azure Analysis Services. If we set firewall on AAS, then it won't allow ADF to access the model - as there is no option "Allow access to Azure services", nor it's possible to whitelist ADF IP.

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