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    Hey Folks,

    We have made some great progress on this idea and most of our services today do support move resources across groups.

    We are still working towards 100% support and while we do that it would be great if you can help us prioritize the missing services.

    Please file individual asks on each service category present in uservoice and vote for it.

    Azure Portal Team

    John A. Gwinner commented  · 

    It is absurd that a Fortune 500 company is now totally my *******, Mwhahahahaha.

    But seriously, this is ESSENTIAL. If a person leaves a company, their Azure services could be tied to the person that has departed - if the account is deleted or ignored (or corporate card disabled), suddenly the services disappear? This is silly.

    Marketplace subscriptions NEED to be transferable to other owners, the same as anything else.

    My old company even offered to take over my account. The problem is, that's tied to my email, which is not acceptable. Sure, I can change email addresses (and did), but I need to be able to migrate over the marketplace purchases.


    I'm specifically concerned about the MySQL services, but really, all of these need to be moved, and ASAP, OR someone should do the move on the back end.

    We opened up 2 support tickets, and got conflicting results and an admonishment or two by support. This is also unacceptable.

    If I fired an employee, I would not want them to suddenly have my company by the short hairs, and that is exactly the situation you have created. This needs to be fixed.

    == John ==

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    You have left! (?) (thinking…)
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    John A. Gwinner commented  · 

    I agree it's not acceptable - I had the same problem and could duplicate it at will. I provided a fix. Obviously, no one paid attention.

    TO duplicate, you open the billing portal
    Let your account time out
    Try to log back in and do anything ... you will get this error.

    The fix is to open an "In private" session.

    Obviously, at logout, some persistent cookie is being set incorrectly. (flushing your cookies works too, but with today's cloud enabled world, this is unacceptable).

    == John ==

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