1. Enable Query Data Store in Secondary Geo Replicated Databases

  2. Data Collector : query statistics report duration can be WAY off  ·  unplanned

  3. AS 2005, Create Named Queries in Data Source View across multiple sources  ·  unplanned

  4. Data Explorer - Sharing Query feature has Limitation.  ·  unplanned

  5. Unwanted data deletion while inner query is taking longer time to execute  ·  under review

  6. Log data-loading ajax errors with a valid JSON serialization of the ajax response  ·  declined

  7. Query returns wrong data with in-memory table and/or clustered column store index

  8. Data Explorer : Query name even when renamed in select table, gets reset to query 1 when added to the sheet  ·  unplanned

  9. add the ability to copy entire executed query in azure data factory

  10. Query designer alters queries  ·  declined

  11. Elastic Query - DW to DW Capability Hello Team, Currently seems Azure DW don't have support to issue cross data ware house queries.

  12. Provide support for complex (nested) data types in standing queries  ·  completed

  13. Add Grid Mode to Query Store Tracked Queries

  14. Workflow capability within Azure Data warehouse to run parallel queries.  ·  need-feedback

  15. Azure Data Factory - Google Analytics Connector  ·  under review

  16. .NET core web app needs client library to query Azure Analysis Server for data

  17. Data Explorer excel add-in: GetRelatedData should not be there until user selected join query.  ·  unplanned

  18. Data Explorer : there is no way to use all or selected of my shared queries into a new excel sheet data explorer  ·  unplanned

  19. SQL Server Integration Services 2019 - Please add Power Query Source as a new data source.

  20. SSMS v17.x Query Window forgets active database when reconnecting - Potential data loss

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