1. Data Explorer - Sharing Query feature has Limitation.  ·  unplanned

  2. AS 2005, Create Named Queries in Data Source View across multiple sources  ·  unplanned

  3. Unwanted data deletion while inner query is taking longer time to execute  ·  under review

  4. Query designer alters queries  ·  declined

  5. Log data-loading ajax errors with a valid JSON serialization of the ajax response  ·  declined

  6. Data Explorer : Query name even when renamed in select table, gets reset to query 1 when added to the sheet  ·  unplanned

  7. Add Grid Mode to Query Store Tracked Queries

  8. add the ability to copy entire executed query in azure data factory

  9. Elastic Query - DW to DW Capability Hello Team, Currently seems Azure DW don't have support to issue cross data ware house queries.

  10. Autoformat Query in Query Window  ·  under review

  11. Provide support for complex (nested) data types in standing queries  ·  completed

  12. Workflow capability within Azure Data warehouse to run parallel queries.

  13. Query Explorer Export Saved Queries

  14. .NET core web app needs client library to query Azure Analysis Server for data

  15. Query designer  ·  under review

  16. Live Query Statistics and Cancel Query

  17. Data Explorer excel add-in: GetRelatedData should not be there until user selected join query.  ·  unplanned

  18. SQL Server Integration Services 2019 - Please add Power Query Source as a new data source.

  19. Data Explorer : there is no way to use all or selected of my shared queries into a new excel sheet data explorer  ·  unplanned

  20. Query designer modifies simple, useful query  ·  unplanned

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