1. default to large query panel, small data panel

  2. SSAS Data Source View Named Query breaks with -- comments  ·  under review

  3. Testing query should not require reference data as input  ·  under review

  4. Functionality to upload data to ADW where upload queries do not count in 32 concurrent queries limit  ·  under review

  5. Provide ability to query resource Graph data from Log Analytics

  6. MDW - "Query Statistics"-Data Collection generated report with incorrect data - db id  ·  under review

  7. Azure Data Studio loses parts of the Query Plan visual

  8. Closing an SSMS table data window with a running query does not cancel that query  ·  under review

  9. SSIS Data Mining Query transform seems to give wrong results  ·  unplanned

  10. Queries without time range filter should not scan cold cache data  ·  completed

  11. Support Cypher as a query language for Graph data  ·  unplanned

  12. See spatial data storage support & query  ·  planned

  13. Add a server property to specify data retention period for data stored in Analysis Service query log  ·  unplanned

  14. Bug: Query with MAX aggregation shows 0 RU in Data Explorer  ·  closed

  15. Add ability to run Analytics queries on data exported using Continuous Export  ·  declined

  16. How to detect incomplete query responses over a few hours time frame  ·  closed

  17. Option to store query store data in a filegroup other than PRIMARY  ·  under review

  18. Query Windows Azure Storage Table in Azure Data Lake Analytics U-SQL  ·  under review

  19. Enable Query Data Store in Secondary Geo Replicated Databases

  20. Data Collector : query statistics report duration can be WAY off  ·  unplanned

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