1. Support Cypher as a query language for Graph data  ·  unplanned

  2. dynamic xpath in xml.query() function, other xml functions  ·  unplanned

  3. Data Explorer : Query name even when renamed in select table, gets reset to query 1 when added to the sheet  ·  unplanned

  4. DE: Refresh in Mashup (Edit Query) does not take care of join condition when refreshing the data mashed up earlier  ·  unplanned

  5. Bugbash: Enable Query Store for tempdb  ·  under review

  6. Error -2147467259 "Data provider or other service returned an E_FAIL status" when running a query from a Vista client to SQL Serve  ·  unplanned

  7. Add query.toSql() method for building alternate SQL queries  ·  completed

  8. Query designer alters queries  ·  declined

  9. add the ability to copy entire executed query in azure data factory

  10. Running a query should not reset result view

  11. Network IO per Query Performance Tracking  ·  unplanned

  12. save queries like in log analytics or app insights

  13. Use Single transaction when processing the queries doesn't work for parameters that get values from a query  ·  under review

  14. Denali: Extended Event - Add sql_handle, query_hash, and query_plan_hash to action and pred_source  ·  unplanned

  15. Denali Tabular Model Low Level Query Issue  ·  unplanned

  16. Live Query Statistics and Cancel Query

  17. Support for W3C SPARQL as a query language  ·  unplanned

  18. Downsampling data over time

  19. Data Collector : query statistics report duration can be WAY off  ·  unplanned

  20. Autoformat Query in Query Window  ·  under review

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