Azure API for FHIR

The Azure API for FHIR® is a managed, standards-based, and compliant healthcare data platform. It enables organizations to bring their clinical health data into the cloud based on the interoperable data standard FHIR®.

FHIR helps unlock the value of data and respond to changing business dynamics more easily.

Organizations are able to bring together clinical data from multiple systems of records, normalize the data using common models and specifications, and use that data in AI workloads to derive insight and power new systems of engagement, including clinician and patient dashboards, diagnostic assistants, population health insights, and connected healthcare scenarios, such as Remote Patient Monitoring.

The Azure API for FHIR is capable of powering Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) scenarios, population health research projects, AI-powered diagnostic solutions and much more.

The Azure API for FHIR meets all regulatory compliance for healthcare data.

Security and privacy are embedded into the service, which conforms to global health privacy and security standards. Customers own and control patient data, knowing how it is stored and accessed.

The services have been designed to handle live patient data (Protected Health Information, PHI)

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