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Improve Geocoding Results for addresses with 5+4 digits ZCTA

Geocoder is giving results in incorrect score order for some addresses with 5+4 digits ZCTA...

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Search for "1833 S CHURCH ST, BURLINGTON, NC, 27215-5553", first result is Street, and the second one is the correct one. Searching for "1833 S CHURCH ST, BURLINGTON, NC, 27215" gives the correct one.

Just a sample of other examples where it happens:
- "5198 VALLEYDALE RD, BIRMINGHAM, AL, 35242-3756" vs "5198 VALLEYDALE RD, BIRMINGHAM, AL, 35242"
- "7510 THOMAS DR, PANAMA CITY, FL, 32408-8529" vs "7510 THOMAS DR, PANAMA CITY, FL, 32408"
- "4915 HIGHWAY 433 W, BENTONIA, MS, 39040-8417" vs "4915 HIGHWAY 433 W, BENTONIA, MS, 39040"

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  • Adminazuremaps (Azure Maps, Microsoft Azure) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Thank you for your feedback. If you can directly call the Azure Maps Get Search Address API, you can see the full JSON response. Each result has accuracy score and result type, eg. Point Address and Street. Results are sorted by score from highest to lowest value. We recommend to also see the result type and ensure to leverage the correct result type:
    Point Address - Point on a map where specific address with a street name and number can be found. The highest level of accuracy available for addresses.​
    Street - Addresses are resolved to the latitude/longitude coordinate of the street that contains the address. The house number may not be processed.​
    Address Range - For some streets there are address points that are interpolated from the beginning and end of the street; those points are represented as address ranges.​
    Cross Street – Intersections, representations of junctions; places where two streets intersect.​
    Geography - Areas on a map which represent administrative division of a land, i.e., country, state, city.​
    POI- Point of Interest (Address Search won't return POIs)​

    For "1833 S CHURCH ST, BURLINGTON, NC, 27215-5553" the first result type is now Street with highest accuracy score and second one is Point Address. This applies to the other examples also. The score indicates relative matching score between results and can be used to say ‘result 1 is 2x more likely to be relevant than result 2, if the score is twice as high. We have passed the feedback to our data provider.

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