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Analysis, eventID 22123 - Improve message content and maybe fix the process?

SQL Server Version : 13.0.5149.0

EventID : 22123
MachineName : MyDB01.MyDomain.local
Data : {107, 86, 0, 0...}
Index : 78111
Category : Server
CategoryNumber : 2
EntryType : Error
Message : Change Tracking autocleanup is blocked on side table of "Bla". If the failure persists, check if the table "Bla" is blocked by any process .
Source : MSSQL$MyInstance01
ReplacementStrings : {Bla, Bla}
InstanceId : 3221247595
TimeGenerated : 7/1/2018 3:10:44 PM
TimeWritten : 7/1/2018 3:10:44 PM
UserName :
Site :
Container :

Few Suggestions
1) The event message could really use the name of the database this table belongs too. In a system of a few dozen databases of similar model construction one would be hard pressed to determine which table "bla" the event was referring to.

2) Might provide the blocking session id? Here you are alerting the administrator to an "Error", there is a blocking and not providing the blocking id. Goodness, who wrote this message?

3) We received a rash of these messages on returned to service server with a few dozen databases, all containing table Bla. The funny, rather sad thing about it is there were zero user or administrative connections to the server while it was spewing out 22123 events. Essentially I have one hundred 22123 events over a five hour span while the server was completely idle.

I like the fact that we are getting some indication there is an issue in the change tracking cleanup, good first step but the error message is lacking.

What might help is some detail of what is stored in the "Data" element, e.g. you may have something useful hidden in there but on two attempts to find what the seventy-seven data items define I wasn't able to come up with anything useful.

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