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Table of Contents in SSRS

Reporting Services should allow the dynamic creation of a table of contents for a given report.

The intial version should at least be able to state the page number of given objects (table, chart etc), with 'grouping' level links in subsequent releases.

Interactive versions should contain hyperlinks to the given page.

It should offer various styles as to how this may be achieved i.e. roman numerals for sections, filler dots for proportional width fonts between item and page number

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AdminMicrosoft SQL Server (Product Manager, Microsoft Azure) shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

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<=-=Jun 15 2010 3:54AM=-=>

I completely agree.

I’ve googled and can’t even find a work around to create a professional style report with a table of contents.

Would be extremely useful.

<=-=May 26 2011 8:15AM=-=>

Agreed. This needs to be built into the product.

In addition to what was said above, I would request that this table of contents page end up as page 1 when you export to PDF and end up as page 1 when you print. (The document map doesn’t print, and it only appears in the bookmarks tab in Adobe Reader.)

A hack of a workaround is mentioned here. I�m not wild about it. We have to deploy a custom assembly� we have to store this info in a database table� we have to account for storing the page count per report per parameter combination per user (in case there�s data level user security). So it would be a day or two of effort� hardly in the plan.

<=-=Oct 15 2011 11:02PM=-=>

Thank you for providing this feedback. We will consider adding support for table of contents in a future release.

<=-=Jan 17 2013 8:07AM=-=>

Any date/realease or SP by which we can have this feature?

<=-=May 13 2013 1:17AM=-=>

This is a really important feature that is totally missing in Report Builder :/

<=-=Feb 1 2014 12:06AM=-=>

Has a TOC functionality been developed yet? If so or not, where can I find a solution for creating a table of contents from an access 2013 report? Many thanks

<=-=Jul 23 2015 1:50AM=-=>

MS support tell me – “The TOC is a significant piece of work so would likely require a lot (of votes)” so I’m not holding out much hope that we’re going to get this feature.

<=-=Feb 4 2016 6:46PM=-=>

I am new to SSRS and have been searching for a work around to create TOC. Please share the code.


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