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full justification in reporting services 2008 needed

full justification is a basic need in a reliable reporting solution, advanced formatting options like in crystal reports would make a better product but justification is mandatory.

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AdminMicrosoft SQL Server (Product Manager, Microsoft Azure) shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

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<=-=Jan 27 2009 11:47AM=-=>

Thank you for providing this feedback. We will consider adding this functionality in a future release of SQL Server. If there are other rich formatting requirement that you have, please do add details to this item for those additional features also.

<=-=Dec 3 2009 11:21AM=-=>

When is this justify text going to be out? You commented on 1/27/2009 and it’s nearly a year since this has been resolved. How come the Silverlight team and accommodate the top requests within a few month but SQL team cannot do the same?

<=-=Mar 23 2010 12:37PM=-=>

In many cases a reporting tool is the best option to provide formatted data to clients, shareholders, and other individuals where the appearance of the report is as important as the accuracy of the data. It has to look good, not just be correct.

This is a serious deficiency, and while SSRS “isn’t a word processor” exporting reports out to a word processor or page layout tool for re-formatting is unacceptable.

For this reason, I’m loathe to reccommend SSRS to my clients where any such formatting is needed. At least two of my clients in the last two years decided on other tools simply because of this missing feature in an otherwise great reporting system.

<=-=Sep 4 2010 11:23PM=-=>

desperate need of this feature for legal documents

<=-=Oct 18 2010 6:08AM=-=>

I Think that is very important that Reporting Services have this option. For example We returned to Crystal Reports with a number of hours lost by our programmers. It is unacceptable as other functions have priority over an issue that can be considered basic.

<=-=Dec 7 2010 6:11AM=-=>

We would like to design our reports with SSRS but as long as Full Justify text is not possible we’ll still use Crystal.

<=-=Dec 17 2010 2:02PM=-=>

I need Full Justify Text for my mutual fund client’s sales brochures published from SQLServer. I’m trying to keep them from going to Crystal, but they have a serious need for the Justify feature and may have to Crystalize. That would be such a shame.


<=-=Jan 31 2011 7:21PM=-=>

Any news on this bug? it’s really inconvenient….

<=-=Feb 2 2011 3:28PM=-=>

Kindly update on this bug. This is something which is really important to be fixed asap.

<=-=Mar 6 2011 1:59AM=-=>

It has been there for more than two years now and no comment from Microsoft since been posted, so I really want to know what is the status of this suggestion and is it really so hard to take such long period?

<=-=May 9 2011 3:52PM=-=>

Thanks for all the additional feedback. To shed some light on why the feature is not as trivial as it may seem, we need to consider it across the various rendering extensions (HTML, GDI, PDF, and so on), among other considerations. The high vote count does help us prioritize this feature for a future release.

<=-=Jul 25 2011 10:50AM=-=>

Will this be included in Denali? It is critical and even if it is not trivial to implement, try telling a client that a basic feature such as this is too difficult to implement.

<=-=Aug 26 2011 1:50PM=-=>

I second Brian’s comment. Clients don’t necessarily care how complicated the feature is to implement…they just know that it’s possible in Microsoft Word, so it can’t be THAT hard. :-)

Any light at the end of the tunnel for this one? Denali perhaps?

<=-=Sep 4 2011 8:56AM=-=>

This is a major issue! It is hard to explain to our customers that it can’t be done in this reporting tool. Usually the reply is “then let’s use another reporting tool”.

<=-=Oct 7 2011 2:27AM=-=>

Is there any solution now ?
Todays, we can make fire with an IPHONE but we can’t justify a text in a report.
Then Go Back to Crystal Report

<=-=Nov 24 2011 4:56AM=-=>

As far as I can see today, using Denali RC0, Reporting Services are basicly the same and NO, there’s no fully justify feature.
What’s more it does not work the “align=”justify" HTML option (in which I hoped).

<=-=Dec 1 2011 3:58PM=-=>

Even if it is not easy to implement, it is a BASIC function requested for years! I cannot understand why it is still no available. Many users (and me too) have to use another reporting tool because of this missing feature… Have the project manager some Crystal reports Equities? ;-)

<=-=Dec 14 2011 6:14AM=-=>

I also need this feature for legal documents. When this bug will be fixed?

<=-=Dec 16 2011 9:17AM=-=>

I really, really need of this feature to ! Some clients don’t understand why their generated documents are not justify whereas they have it on MS Word, they think i’m stupid !!

<=-=Jan 25 2012 11:22AM=-=>

I am a report developer for one of the largest oil producing companies in the county. I just returned from a meeting in which I had to explain that SSRS could not produce a report with fully justified text. I assure you this is not a trivial request. Please move this up on the list of priorities and give it the attention it deserves.

<=-=Jan 30 2012 2:22AM=-=>

Please make this feature. :)

<=-=Mar 1 2012 7:47AM=-=>

No text justification in such a product? That’s a shame ! Even Access can do this !

<=-=Mar 21 2012 9:10AM=-=>

Please provide this feature – we are about to lose a large contract to convert to SQL Server Reporting Services because this basic feature does not exist. Even trying to include HTML tags with the justify attribute does not work in SQL RS. I really, really hope that this feature has been added to DENALI or somebody has missed the boat.

<=-=Mar 21 2012 11:35AM=-=>

Just confirmed…this is NOT part of Denali (SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services) – so much for including the feature in a “later release”. Are we now going to wait for SQL Server 2016? Please put this is a service pack release for SQL Server 2012!

<=-=Mar 22 2012 3:14AM=-=>

I just tried a before reading Shardenazar’s comment and got disappointed. I forgot the html markup type deliberately cripples almost everything – security has priority. Still, fixing html markup would be an easy solution.

A control IMHO can’t be a solution – didn’t its output need to be a bitmap by design?

I’ve often thought the sources of some of the SSRS should be public – would offer an alternative in so many cases – extensibility documentation – unsortable excel exports – etc etc…

Sorry, can’t resist: [quote] Even Access can do this ! [/quote] Hey – no insults below the belt please!

<=-=Mar 22 2012 5:26AM=-=>

Sorry – I didn’t post that I tried that as well – to no avail…..I tried the

and html tags – none work with justify.

<=-=Apr 2 2012 8:01AM=-=>


I was waiting for full Rich Text support in Denali but disappointed it does not support.
Please add this functionality I need following features like :

1. Render tabular data
2. Render Image with the data
3. Format Text with different colors and fonts

In short I would say it should be complete Rich Text box.


<=-=Oct 4 2012 4:53AM=-=>

Sorry, Shardenzar or somebody else can help me how make custom control with this hint?

<=-=Feb 18 2013 7:05AM=-=>

Pretty poor show that this is still missing in 2013, it was reported in SSRS 2005…

<=-=Mar 5 2013 6:35AM=-=>

Could someone @Microsoft tell us why this very basic feature is still missing after more than seven years??? I really hope it will be fixed soon in an upcoming SP…

<=-=Mar 20 2013 4:22PM=-=>

Full justify for text is something essential that is missed in SSRS.

<=-=Jul 25 2013 7:16PM=-=>

Please out clients ask for this feature

<=-=Aug 2 2013 4:18AM=-=>

We work in financial services providing BI solutions – we have built a solution on top of MS SQL Server and SSRS. It all works great EXCEPT NO TEXT JUSTIFY.
We have a potential new client and they are insisting on text justification which we cannot offer them. Even if this is only supported in PDF it would be a great help for us. Please consider this for an upcoming release or patch….

<=-=Nov 20 2013 1:10PM=-=>

We do need it really.

<=-=Feb 7 2014 1:55AM=-=>

Can’t believe this still hasn’t been addressed?

<=-=Feb 14 2014 4:45AM=-=>

Can Microsoft at least provide a workaround for this urgently.

<=-=Mar 6 2014 4:53AM=-=>

It’s a must!! Even most of old reporting systems has this feature (nor SSRS)

<=-=Mar 10 2014 2:21AM=-=>

Tengo el proyecto a la mitad de desarrollo. Y ahora resulta que los informes no pueden justificar. Es una verguenza

<=-=Mar 10 2014 9:56PM=-=>

I was embarrassed explaining to our client that SSRS can’t justify text, despite devs asking for this feature for 5 years.
None of the workarounds here or on the web are tidy enough to be taken seriously.
MS – please at least let us know – do you plan to implement this or not?

<=-=Jun 13 2014 5:48AM=-=>

Just export to Word and then justify

<=-=Aug 13 2014 10:05PM=-=>

In case anyone was wonder/hoping, this feature did not make it into SQL 2014. The only item on the “what’s new” page is Chrome support. My interpretation is that was the end of the road for core SSRS enhancements, so I’m not holding my breath for this one. As awful as Ernesto’s suggestion is, that’s the best we can say …

<=-=Apr 9 2015 11:23PM=-=>

Dear Sql Server Team

We have many large clients that require this feature – just this one enhancement would make SSRS 1000x more useable and enhance our sales and yours. I know that you have stated that it wont be done unless you can roll it out across all formats (pdf, excel, word, etc) but just supporting pdf as


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