Azure Time Series Insights

Azure Time Series Insights is an end-to-end Platform-As-A-Service offering to ingest, process, store, and query highly contextualized, time-series-optimized IoT-scale data that’s ideal for ad-hoc data exploration, as well as operational analysis. Azure TSI is a uniquely extensible and customized service offering that meets the broad needs of industrial IoT deployments.

More details about the service are available Time Series Insights documentation.

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  1. Better Documentation needed

    As of now current documentation looks quite isolated. It would be better to have a doc starting from posting json


        "deviceId": "FYYY",
    "timestamp": "2018-01-17T01:18:00Z",
    "series": [
    "tagId": "pumpRate",
    "value": 0.58015072345733643
    "tagId": "oilPressure",
    "value": 22.2

    to how to model this json for better visualization. to a new comer modeling and hierarchy concepts are kind of still isolated. It might just be the missing piece.

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