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Add lookup table and static values

I use the Time Series Insights Preview and I like it that we can create own parameters. For some formulares I need to get a value out of a lookup table and some static values (but the static values can change from time to time...).

For example the formulare needs a value which depends on the temperature. I would look into the lookup-table with my temperature, get another value which than inputs the formulare.

Something like that


x y (x is input, y is output)
10 15
11 17
12 20.5
13 25

The formulare is something like

(tempLookUp($event.[relTemperature].Double) * $event.[CO2Gain].Double) / $event.[CO2RAW].Double) + static_value.CO2Zero

Would love to see some new features which would allow that. Sadly some of the features are fairly simple and not advanced...

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