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For an invoice period, need a way for daily consumption to match the invoice consumption.

We need a way to calc and/or run reports for an invoice period where the invoice consumption and the daily usage consumption match, ideally by tags.

Through out portal.azure.com and Cloudyn, invoice consumption does not tie to the usage/resource consumption for the same periods. Even on reports that include both invoice consumption and daily usage consumption.

Example: account.azuer.com/subscriptions/statement... "Download usage details". This csv report has 2 sections: the upper which ties to the invoice and the lower which ties to usage and resource reports. But the upper section does not tie to the lower section.

I am comparing:
1) the total of "Consumed Quantity" of the two sections, and
2) totals grouping by "Meter Category & Meter Sub-category & Meter Name & Meter Region" between the two sections.

The total consumed quantity does not tie, and half of the Meter groupings do not tie. And I have taken into account that the cut off times on the last day of the period is different for the usage consumption then invoice consumption, and I still can not get it to tie.

How does anyone reconcile their invoices and charge the costs to the appropriate accounts in their accounting systems?

I have been told by Azure Subscription Management Support that not being able to reconcile the invoice to the usage/resources is by design.

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Support for querying based on invoice (billing period) will come as part of the support for pay-as-you-go and dev/test subscriptions. Currently, Enterprise Agreement (EA) billing periods are bound to the calendar.

Not being able to reconcile usage/charges is not a design goal, but an unfortunate design limitation. We’ll improve this as we add support to native Cost Management. We apologize for the inconvenience.


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