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Here's why we are sticking with Amazon RDS MySQL for now

We love the idea of keeping all our assets in one cloud, however, when it comes to our db we're gonna have to stick with RDS and here are the main reasons:

1. Azure won't allow saving slow query log to table in mysql db
2. Azure only retains 7 days worth of logs
3. Azure doesn't allow saving these logs to a storage container at all
4. Can't reboot MySQL server on demand... was told by support to scale up/down which triggers reboot, but that seems like a hacky workaround that could lead to longer downtimes
5. No ability to take snapshots / backups on demand
6. No ability to browse individual backups in list format
7. Inbound IP rules to allow app service in same resource group potentially broken due to dynamic ip nature of app service... no guarantee our app will be allowed into db if apps ip changes
8. More restricted set of parameters allowed... Amazon RDS allows more control
9. Still in preview mode... need GA support backing this service asap.

Hopefully, someone in Azure is listening... we would LOVE to move away our RDS instances over to Azure once these issues are addressed.

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Marcelo Ramagem shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

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  • AdminAzure Database for MySQL Product Team (Admin, Microsoft Azure) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Thank you for the feedback, Marcelo. Let me try to address each individually:

    1. This is an interesting piece of feedback - I'll take this back to the team to discuss
    2. We use the Azure Monitor service which provides 7 days of free monitoring. You can extend this longer with a paid Azure Monitor subscription.
    3. We'll have to look further into this - another good piece of feedback.
    4. I'd like to understand better why you want to reboot your server. As a managed service, we manage server health so reboots should only be necessary for maintenance.
    5. This is something that is on our roadmap
    6. This is something that is on our roadmap
    7. We are working one extending access control through integration with Virtual Networks as well as "Allow access to all Azure Services" - both are coming soon.
    8. Would really like to know which parameters you would like open here. We have been expanding this over time based on customer feedback - so let us know.
    9. We'll GA early in 2018!

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