Azure Active Directory Application Requests

Looking for a new application to be integrated with Azure Active Directory?

You’ve come to the right place! Here you can search and vote for new apps and SSO/provisioning improvements to existing apps.

As you’ll see from the sheer number of requests, there’s quite a backlog of app requests. In order to increase the chances of your request being addressed, we’d recommend you follow these guidelines:

  1. Create 1 request per app on UserVoice
  2. Provide the full/detailed app name. Don’t just provide the company name. i.e. “SAP Jam”, not just “SAP”. Add [CompanyName] [AppName] for [SSO | User Provisioning]
  3. Submit the request using your corporate email

Regardless of whether you’re creating a new request or supporting an existing, to help us prioritize the request and be able to follow up with you, we highly recommend that you complete the app request form and create the request on UserVoice.

Be aware that we may need to contact you to proceed with the app request.

For other Azure Active Directory related asks (non-app requests), go to the general Azure Active Directory forum

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Azure Active Directory Application Requests


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