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Enable ARM support for API Access Keys

I would like to deploy an entire solution based on App Insights which data is presented via a Web App:

The web app I'm deploying will use the api of app insights to display insights and aggregated data in the form of graphs and metrics.

For this to work, the web app needs to have access the app insights api and that can only be done via access keys.

I want to enable customers to deploy the application with "one click arm deployment".

Currently, after deployment, users have to create a key, copy app id and api key, open web app, create two env variables, paste values from app insights and recycle web app.

This is of course not optimal and required a lot of extra work.

Ask: Enable using Access Keys in an ARM deployment to copy the access key's value into another location (key vault / web app env vars)

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Per Divya’s comment below, this can be solved by using an AAD application instead of an APIKey for access (
1. New-AzureADApplication
2. New-AzureADApplicationKeyCredential
3. New-AzureRmRoleAssignment where you set the Scope to the Application Insights resource

You can also manage API keys via ARM (see to get started).


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