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Azure Cosmos Bindings and Document API... when will this be supported?

At this time, the Azure Cosmos DB trigger, input bindings, and output bindings work with SQL API and Graph API accounts only.

Trying to do a simple add/read document from Azure Portal CSharp Script and getting lost ...
Looks like it works, creates DB & Collection but no documents.
Then I see the blurb at top of document saying only SQL and Graph is supported (from 10 Jan 2018). Not sure what's current...

Please advise

...this is cool functionality (but I can't get it to work...)

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What you are asking for is supported so closing, but hoping I can help.

CosmosDB documents can be exposed through many API surfaces – SQL API, Gremlin, Mongo, Cassandra. Today our trigger (run this code when a document is added) only works if you select the SQL API – because we rely on the change feed from CosmosDB which only works for accounts on the SQL API. However you still add and create “documents” with the SQL API.

You should be able to create a document from a CSharp script using the following sample:



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