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Improve Azure Scheduler to handle many schedules to a single job.

Here is a real situation that is not well covered by the current Azure Scheduler.

I am writing an application that deals with weekly selective lotteries (lotteries where you select n number from m). Typically the draw of this type lottery happen once or twice a week. My application monitors absolutely all the existing lotteries in a given country. It will cover the countries of US and Canada initially. The type of lottery I am talking about is managed at the state level (province level in Canada). The US has 50 states and Canada has 10 province. Each state or province has 2 or 3 of these types of lotteries. My application will still cover ALL the lotteries in the US and Canada.

All I want is to program the recurring date-time of the draw of a lottery and to activate a job.

Let's do the math of the number of lottery types I am dealing with.

We have 60 states (50 US state +10 Canada) X 3 (number of lottery types per state) = 180 lottery types

Each lottery type has its own draw schedule. I would need to create 180 Azure Scheduler for each lottery type. That seems excessive and unrealistic (outrageous cost!) because the job that needs triggering is almost the same in all cases. It differs only by the identification of the lottery type (i.e. the id of the schedule).

What my application really need is for Azure Scheduler to handle the case of many schedulers (many CRON expressions) with only one job. When the job is triggered, an id or index of the schedule (the CRON expression) that caused the trigger is passed to the job as parameter or in some context structure.

My application should only have to create one single Azure Scheduler that can handle many schedules to a single job.

I am sure that this is a very common case for many application. It would be a wonderful improvement.

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Thank you for your feedback. A Scheduler job is defined as an Action with a scheduled recurrence. If you want an action to fire at multiple different schedules then you would need multiple jobs. That being said, it is possible to create a complex schedule on a job that may satisfy your needs. For example, if you have a lottery drawing that occurs twice a week on Monday and Friday at 10:00pm you can create a single complex schedule that would fire at those times.
Also note that you can create up to 500 Standard jobs before exceeding a single Standard unit cost of $13.99.



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