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Google App Engine is the best in terms of free tier for developers. I am sure Microsoft can afford it but they don't. That is too bad.

Google App Engine is the best in terms of free tier for developers. I am sure Microsoft can afford it but they don't. That is too bad. They will likely lose new developers to google.

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    Performance & Reliability
    Argo Smart Routing
    Load Balancing
    Web Optimizations
    China Network
    Video Streaming & Delivery
    Cloudflare Stream
    Stream Delivery
    Advanced Security
    DDoS Protection
    Bot Management
    Rate Limiting
    SSL / TLS
    Access Spectrum
    Argo Tunnel
    for Developers
    Cloudflare Workers
    Cloudflare Workers KV BETA
    Mobile SDK
    Domain Registration
    for Everyone

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    nista ne razumijem trebam da registrujem windows7 home premijum

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    Everybody wants something for free. Seems like the below commenters have a fundamental misunderstanding of what each service offers. They aren't comparable. Do your homework, spend $60 a month if you want a solution with support and that works well. There are numerous free offerings available in Azure.

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    I agree!

    Decided to use Google Cloud instead that offers a generous 12 months' worth of free credit + a basic free tier covering all services.

    I am new to cloud technologies. Microsoft offers a $200 for credit 30 days! For new developers, a month is not enough to even explore the basics, let alone 'unleash creativity'. It is surprising that under Mr. Nadella's leadership, Microsoft is shooing new developers away with such restrictive policies. How much does Microsoft even make through these learner accounts? Microsoft fell flat in the mobile market because it couldn't get developers. Why shut them away here too?

  • wee01 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Microsoft have free tier by giving in the Sponsorship program or trial program. but the program set up to convert to charging fee automatically after overused. It is a bad program for people or newbie with little knowledge on how Azure charge money. As educator I join the offer and now got charge a big amount without notification. Customer support does not help investigate issue.

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    A Free Storage Account for individuals (1 or 10 GB) would be great!

  • AT commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate


    Still under review Microsoft? Do you care about your developers?
    I feel my only option is to abandon Azure and waste the many years I've spent learning the Microsoft and Azure stack.

    -Allow users to use the free credits over 12 or 6 or even 3 months.
    -Or return to your previous offer with free monthly credits for a year.
    -Or offer SSL on the shared plan. (sites without SSL are not an option)

    Others have mentioned Microsoft Free websites and the Bizspark program:

    Microsoft's free websites are for testing only, they don't allow custom domains or SSL and are therefore useless for anything other than testing. The Shared plan also has no SSL, sites without SSL are not an option.

    You have to spend about £50-£60/pm for a basic site with custom domain and SSL. Good value for money? I don't think so...

    The Bizspark program is no longer accepting applications, the only way to get onto the program is if you get picked up by one of the partners/incubators/investors. And if that's the case, you probably have something very good and would be offered funding for any platform you wanted anyway...

    Come on Microsoft! I really hope you can review your current offers and make Azure a better choice.


  • Luke commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Google has almost no technical support so you get what you pay for. If you want to play and not get help, use Google. If you want commercial grade systems with technical support, use Azure.

    Do your homework though, there are MANY horror stories of people losing everything on Google because they can't contact someone to help them understand what is happening.

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