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I can't even sign up for a trial account because I live in the Cayman Islands.

Microsoft sucks. I am a Canadian. I live in the Cayman Islands. My Microsoft Account has it's region bound to Canada. My credit cards are in the Cayman Islands. I can't change my billing address. The trial page will only accept Canadian credit cards. I called a bunch of different Microsoft departments and have been given the run around non stop. Everyone just keeps passing the buck and no one knows what is going on. Good job on blocking out an entire country.

Hello Amazon, here I come!!

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Windows Azure is commercially available in the following 84 countries, and this is not one of them. Learn more here: http://www.windowsazure.com/en-us/pricing/faq/

We are adding more countries as we can, but in the meantime if you wish to use the service in an unsupported country, you’ll need to use one of several third party providers which front the Azure Subscriptions for organizations in unsupported countries. Just keep in mind that those providers are not MSFT so perform due-diligence to make sure any vendor you select is reputable.

Thanks for understanding.


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    Thanks for coming out but it's listed on that link you posted. Classic oversight on Microsoft's part.

  • Eric commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Thanks for the timely response. I decided to go with Amazon EC2.

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