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Azure Lab Services is a service that enables you to easily set up and provide on-demand access to various systems and software for any workload: teaching a class, setting up a development or test environment, or running trials with customers. Manage and scale your group’s resources in lab environments, while minimizing waste and controlling cost. Choose between the two lab types, classroom lab or devtest lab, for an experience that is tailored to your scenario.

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  1. DevTestLabs' users don't have authorization to access the shared image gallery by Rest API or CLI

    I try to use api to get the list of shared image galleries images in our devtest labs, but response code is always 401(Unauthorized).

    API:{subscriptionId}/resourceGroups/{resourceGroupName}/providers/Microsoft.DevTestLab/labs/{labName}/sharedgalleries/{name}/sharedimages?api-version= 2018-10-15-preview

    This api is from the configure-shared-image-gallery page. URL:

    I also try to use the az sig API, but I also don’t have authorization.

    Why devtestlabs' users don't have authorization to access the shared image gallery? Or how to config the authorization?

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    A shared image gallery (SIG) is configured at lab level.
    A lab user can consume a SIG image to create a VM from. Lab users do not have access to update/attach/detach the SIG for the lab.
    This is similar to other features in labs such as virtual networks, marketplace images etc.

    You should be able to view a list of enabled SIG images when you create a VM in a lab as a lab user.

    Can you share why you would like to list SIG images as a lab user?

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