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Azure Synapse Analytics

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  1. Performance with respect to dynamic SQL

    In our solutions we load data from csv-files into SQL DW internal tables using polybase/external tables.

    Per roll-out we face the challenge that the schema (columns) in the csv may differ for the same table. Therefore we implemented a logic to lookup the column name and data type from a dictionary table and we create the external and internal table schemes dynamically. As we have round about 500 tables with up to 20 columns per table automating this process is the only way to go.

    The issue we face is that compared to an on premise SQL Server the dynamic…

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  2. Workflow capability within Azure Data warehouse to run parallel queries.

    To maximise the parallel execution and MPP architecture, it will be great to have a workflow capability that will allow users to run queries in parallel against a defined Resource Class.
    I appreciate this could be against the SQL engine design but looking at the architecture we might be able to do something like this

    workflow-Parallel (ResourceClassUser = XlargeRCuser, OptionalAllocMaxMemory = 0.5)

    Exec SPTranform1;
    Exec SP
    Exec SPTranform3;
    Exec SP

    where 4 sprocs will run in parallel with defined RC and max memory allocation in percentage/ratio to the total max available for the RC,…

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    Thanks for the suggestion. We announced workload isolation with workload groups for preview at Ignite Nov., 2019. Workload groups give you a lot more flexibility to define resource usage and thus concurrency. Please have a look at workload groups and share more feedback.

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