How can we improve Microsoft Azure Service Fabric?

Open Source Service Fabric

Following the pattern of many other development resources from Microsoft, it would be amazing to see Service Fabric open sourced, so that others can modify, improve and view it.

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  • Emil Petro commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    No, it's not done, only a small chunk is Open Sourced even right now.

    The whole product should be OSS.
    I would really like to see a better collaboration between the Service Fabric and the Orleans team, to bring the best of both worlds together. Service Fabric is really strong on the infrastructure level, hosting various types of services, dealing with the problems of a distributed system, but Orleans is light-years ahead in terms of Actors (for example I'd really like to see Streams and Transactions in Service Fabric as well).

    Service Fabric is going to be ignored by the community as long as it's Closed Source.

    A strong distributed hosting environment from Microsoft would be extremely important for the future... More and more backend systems are moving to Microservices architecture and ASP.NET won't hold up forever... not to mention that it would be really nice to have the foundation for future distributed computing frameworks for Big Data, Machine Learning, etc. Data scientists are forced to use JVM based tools because they are simply not available in the .NET (Core) ecosystem.

    Service Fabric and Orleans are amazing systems, opening up completely new markets for .NET, and I think the corner stone to this mission is Service Fabric to be Open Sourced.

  • Denis Pitcher commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I'd like to second the suggestion of open sourcing the client libraries.

    The trouble I'm encountering is that the Remoting transport is not extensible enough. I'd like to be able to create a new transport using the remoting transport as a base. However this isn't currently possible as likely decompiling and using the remoting transport code as a base would violate license terms.

    It would be very much appreciated if the client libraries were open sourced so that people could use them as a guide for creating custom transports

  • Christian Weiss commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    If you can't open source the whole product, it would be great if you could open source the client libraries (e.g. Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Services, Microsoft.ServiceFabric.Actors)

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