How can we improve Microsoft Azure Logic Apps?

BizTalk Server Conume API App Swagger Metadata

We will see all of these great new API apps being created that support SaaS Connectivity. We do know there will be some lag before we have symmetry between Cloud and on-prem offering. We also have BizTalk migration stories to deal with.

In the interim, why not allow BizTalk Server to consume API App Swagger meta data so that we can also plug into this connector eco-system in the mean time? Also allows existing customers to leverage existing investments during this time of transition.

From customer perspective it allows them to pay a little to get incremental value while realizing the rest of their value in existing platform. As the new platform evolves they can move their work loads as it is appropriate.

From a Microsoft perspective you can capture incremental revenue from existing customers. THis is ok as you are introducing incremental value at a small, reasonable price.

I did chat with Sameer about this idea at BizTalk Summit. Feel free to ping him for more context.

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  • Mike Stephenson commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    if we could get this as an add on for 2013R2 and and supportable for 2016 too then I think this would be an awesome demonstration of enhancing biztalk and provide a good feature for all future biztalk stuff.

    Note with this the BizTalk consume swagger feature would not limit biztalk to just API Apps but it would allow BizTalk to easily consume any rest service exposing swagger and lets face it there is a very big drive to that at the minute.

  • kent weare commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Just realized I put this in Logic Apps. Please move it to a better place if it is more applicable.

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