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Office 365 Connector Ignores .msg (email file) attachment in incoming Emails

The bug is with the Office 365 connector when triggering on new incoming email.

The issue is when the incoming email contains a .msg file, or Outlook item, as an attachment (read, email has an email as an attachment).

What I am experiencing is that the connector correctly sets "Has Attachment" as True, even when the email object is the only attachment, but the "Attachments" output is empty.

When the .msg is the only attachment the output reads as


While the .msg attachment is directly ignored from the "Attachments" list if more attachments are included in the incoming mail.

If the .msg file type is changed to .txt or other it is passed through the Logic App as usual, so this seems to be a problem with the email item content type in either the connector or the Logic App in general.

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  • Morten Høybye Frederiksen commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Currently, the documentation states "Support for certain attachment types (EML, MSG, ICS) is currently limited. These attachments will be skipped when processing emails." - so I guess a support case won't help?

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