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OneDrive / OneDrive for Business Connector 'When a file is created' event not always firing

I have a Logic App which uses the OneDrive for Business Connector.

With the 'When a file is created' event, if I specify the root folder ('/') as the Folder property, then upload a file to the root folder, it works fine.

If I specify any other value, it doesn't fire, and is 'Skipped' in the History tab in Azure Portal.

The folder I'm wanting to observe is called 'Transcripts'; I have tried:
* /Transcripts (this is what gets populated if I use the folder picker in Logic App Designer in VS2017)
* /Transcripts/
* Transcripts/
* Transcripts

This seems to be an issue for other people also (see last couple of replies to for example).

Please could this be investigated?

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