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Logic Apps

Logic Apps allow developers to design workflows that articulate intent via a trigger and series of steps, each invoking an App Service API app whilst securely taking care of authentication and best practices like durable execution.
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  1. Service Bus - Send Message does not encode boolean values properly

    When using Service Bus Send Message action and composing a json body (content) with a boolean property using the logical expressions, the Logic App converts the boolean value to Pascal case (true -> True, false -> False) before doing base64 encoding.
    If this message then needs to be processed by another logic app with a Parse JSON action, the action fails as it does not recognise True or False as valid boolean values.

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    This ended up not being an issue with the Service Bus connector doing proper encoding but the customer had tried to construct an object using concat, which converted a bool to a string, before base64 encoding it. Properly constructing the object using a Compose action or addproperty() expression avoids this type conversion.

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