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New Requirments SQL assessment

Great solution and it's helping to complete the readiness in near real-time. We want to recommend folks check on the tool so it will help E2E validations easily.

Cluster checks:
1- Cluster checking for Quorum Voting Rights (QVR), Quorum Configuration, Split brain vulnerability, and current Possible owners for Cluster Group and SQL resources.
2- Need to scan all relevant clusters and remediate by moving the Cluster Group to the same node hosting the SQL group (No alerts will be sent).
a. No Auto remediation and it should show-up in the OMS.
3- Scan the cluster logs

SQL level Checks:
BigEye checks consist checking for a match across principal and replicas for:
• Server principals (logins)
• Jobs
• SQL Config - sp_configure settings
• SQL Server and Agent accounts
• Disks
• SQL Server Always sync and setup status

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