How can we improve Azure Log Analytics ?

Need Configuration Change Tracking Solution (Software, Windows Firewall Rules, NT Services, Group Policy)

When troubleshooting issues one of the most common workflows that System Admins perform to find root cause is first to parse through Windows event logs and then then determine what configuration changes have occurred on the server that is the root cause of the problem.
Today we don’t have any good solutions to track and view configuration changes and to correlate that with various events/log entries. Majority of all outages are caused by some sort of configuration change in their environment.

Types of Configuration Changes to Track
1. Software (Patches, Upgrades, Add\Remove Programs, Drivers)
2. Windows Firewall Rules
3. NT Services (Service Status, User Account)
4. Workload Specific (IIS, Exchange, SQL,SharePoint) mgmt settings
5. Group Policy

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