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Azure Monitor-Log Analytics

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  1. Fix Bug in Agent

    We started seeing this error after installing the OMS agent on our servers.

    An unmarshaling policy check was performed when unmarshaling a custom marshaled object and the class {45FB4600-E6E8-4928-B25E-50476FF79425} was rejected.

    A quick search on the internet shows other people have the same error after installing the OMS agent also.

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    We’re aware of an issue that can cause this error to be logged when the Update Assessment solution is installed.
    You can check if this is what you’re seeing my temporarily removing the Update Assessment solution and confirming the errors stop.

    The Update Assessment solution functionality is not affected and you can safely ignore this error.

  2. Allow me to remove managed systems (Management Groups and Directly Connected Servers/Agents) from Usage page

    Implements a feature to remove managed ( Management Groups and to Directly Connected Servers ) Overview Usage from want? I think even if servers Connected Directly, the agent is uninstalled, cannot be removed from Operational Insights Usage. Cannot disconnect in the SCOM Management Groups are for the Operational Insights on want to remove.

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    In the current implementation, Management groups CAN already be removed, but only once they are ‘stale’ == have not reported ANY data for >14days, the link to remove will appear.

    The number of Directly reporting agents in ‘settings’ page is the actual number of servers registered, but the drill down will take you to search (where servers presence is inferred from the data).

    We will be working on options to de-register directly connected servers, similarly to we offer for SCOM management groups.

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