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  1. Alerting on Possible Logical Partition Limit reached

    Alerting the consumer before the one of the logical partition is about to reach its storage limits like when X % is covered etc instead of consumer finding this information in production and having to do work on major incident.

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    Customers can do this today in azure monitor using a combination of log analytics and alerts. Note, this solution will only show the top three largest logical partitions in your container but this should work for you.

    Create a new log analytics workspace in the azure portal.

    Then in the portal go to Monitor, create new diagnostic settings, select the Cosmos DB account to monitor, Add diagnostic settings, check partition key statistics, check send to log analytics, then select the log analytics workspace you created earlier.

    Next to set up the alert go back to Monitoring blade in portal, select Alerts, then select the Log Analytics Workspace you created as the resource then click +New Alert Rule.

    For the Condition select custom log search for Signal Name then enter the following query. (this query example shows if any of the 3 largest partitions are great than 10GB in size.


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