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  1. Add DocumentDB Emulator support for Mac OS X and *nix

    The DocumentDB Emulator currently only supports Windows 10.

    It would be great if support for Mac OS X could be added or documentation to run it on other platforms.

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    Just a quick update. Work on this feature continues but is taking longer than expected.

    We have recently published guidance how how users who can run Windows in a VM whether on Parallels or Virtual Box with a Mac or Linux host can use the Cosmos emulator. Please feel free to use this as a workaround.

    When this feature is complete we will update here.

    Thank you.

  2. Select network interface for Cosmos DB emulator to allow network access

    When the client SDK connects to the emulator it connects to the URL https://<myemulator DNS>:8081/.

    The emulator returns back the writeableLocations and the readableLocations in the JSON response and these URIs are used for subsequent access. It appears that the IP address returned are the first in the list of LAN network interfaces (e.g. in IPCONFIG). If you have multiple IP addresses (for example you have a DockerNAT virtual switch installed) then it might not be the best IP Address returned to allow network access.

    Why am I connecting to my emulator across the network you might ask? I'm…

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  3. Standard UUID support for Azure Cosmos DB emulator

    It seems that although Azure Cosmos DB supports Standard UUID (subtype 04), the emulator does not.

    When I tried to write standard UUID to the cosmos DB, it appears correctly in Azure. In the emulator, although it appears that the UUID is UuidStandard, the '$type' property is still "03".

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