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  1. Please don't surprise your customers with Azure Cosmos DB costs...

    1. RU/s are confusing, new and different. Please assume that your current and potential customers are not going to understand how they work for a while.

    2. Notify your customers via portal alerts when their costs are on track to increase by more than 50% on the next invoice.

    3. Every service needs a trial mode. There needs to be a very cheap and limited way that current and potential customers can test drive Azure services without being surprised by thousands of dollars in charges.

    4. Don’t default to 800 RU/s when creating an Azure Cosmos DB Table with the .NET client library. The…
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    Given the improvements surrounding these items we are marking this as complete.

    Portal now includes number of regions when showing total cost and also shows cost as monthly and not daily. We also now have autoscale in GA to help with cost and a new serverless option that will go into preview this summer that charges nothing if there are not requests.

    We have also addressed these other items of feedback since this user voice was created.


  2. improve cost calculator to include real storage costs

    Currently the cost calculator only shows the costs for storage. However, there is a hidden cost which is only mentioned in one place in the documentation; a minimum throughput of 40 RU's per gigabyte in the database. This increases the storage costs about tenfold.

    Unfortunately, this cost is not mentioned in any of the cost calculators that microsoft offers. This made our usage of cosmosdb unfeasible and cost us a few weeks of prototype development down the drain.

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