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  1. Add ability to rename databases and collections

    It should be possible to rename databases and collections.

    This feature is universal in all if not the vast majority of database products.

    Lack of ability to rename anything makes it very hard for us to manage releases if we are adding new data. Currently, we have to create a copy of the existing database (which is a feat in itself, since this again is not core functionality), make the change there, and then re-point the website to the updated database. All this time, we are incurring extra costs and inconvenience.

    Renaming things also allows us to correct typos, which…

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    8 comments  ·  Management  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

    The ability to rename databases and collections is not currently something that is in our road map.

    Currently the way to accomplish this task in Cosmos DB is to create a new collection with the changed name then use bulk exec or change feed to populate it.

    Thanks for your request and input on this. We may consider this for a future planning cycle.


  2. Support the CouchDB replication protocol

    Support the CouchDB replication protocol so that we can sync with PouchDB or Couchbase Lite NoSQL databases on mobile devices for superior online / offline capabilities.

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  3. whitelist ip - include a description

    Can we include a short text description for each white listed ip in the cosmos firewall settings - similar to azure sql server white listed ip settings

    It would make auditing so much easier, currently we have to maintain a seperate document showing which IP corresponds to what

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    Thank you while we reviewed this feature.

    At this time we will add this to our backlog. Our intention is to implement this feature but is not currently on our current committed work items.

    We will revisit this in upcoming planning cycles and update when this moves into our current semester road map.


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