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Allow ability to search an index of backups

Could you please add the ability to search for a filename through all backups vs having to manually mount each backup and determine if the file is there? Having an index that shows when the last backup of a particular file would be incredidibly helpful.

Use case: User deletes a file at the beginning of the month. During end of month reporting, they try to find the file and notice it is gone. End user calls backup admin, backup admin pulls up a UX to be able to search for the filename and then is presented a list of dates where the file could be restored.

This request would be useful for all backup scenarios: Azure Backup Agent, Azure Backup Server, and Azure Backup on IaaS.

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  • Bill Purosky commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This feature is an absolute necessity. Knowing exactly which date you need to restore from is an ideal world scenario that, in my experience, never happens in the real world.

    When an end user deletes a file and realizes immediately what they've done, then we just restore from VSS. The only time we need to restore from long term backup is when they delete a file without realizing it. It's not uncommon to get a request to restore a file that they haven't looked at in months. They have no idea when it was deleted, may only have a vague idea when it was created and may not even remember its exact name.

    NetBackup uses a timeline of recovery points that allows us to click on a start point and shift-click on an end point so we can see the files that existed within a span of time.

    The current workflow for finding a file is utterly unworkable:
    1. Click on a date in the calendar.
    2. Wait for it to come up.
    3. Navigate to the folder.
    4. File isn't there.
    5. Repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat .........

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