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GUI : Wap Admin Portal Settings

Add options for

Fonts : Adjustable size for logged in user
Reason : they're awfully large by default

Quoting : Enable or disable automatic double quotes that are put in when you type just one "
Reason : this can be somewhat annoying

Job History : Purge options to immediately clear all runbooks of logs
Reason : No option to do an immediate purge at the moment

Edit Runbook Prompt : Enable/Disable options for the 'do you want to edit this runbook' prompt
Reason : I always want to, why would i click on it otherwise

Parameters : Options for sorting or displaying prompts when a runbook is run from the GUI
Reason : At the moment, they dont appear to have any order


Notification Bar : Enable/Disable option for 'expand notification window automatically for new notifications'
Reason : At the moment you have to click on 'x' to get your screen estate. It would be useful for this option to just be able to display an increase in the number that is displayed for messages at the bottom right hand corner.

Job Status : Add advanced filter to allow for selection of any specific statuses that you wish displayed
Reason : Handy. Often i might just wish to display jobs that have succeeded or failed at the same time

Job History : Option to purge runbook job history
Reason : Situations occur where this information is no longer required (e.g. during testing phase). An option for immediate purge is handy.

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Tim Pringle shared this idea  ·   ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
under review  ·  Beth Cooper responded  · 

Thanks for the feedback!
For fonts – is this for the runbook authoring or through the experience in general?
Also, the notifications bar is more for WAP in general as this is a general pattern.
The SMA team can take a look at everything else.

Also, you can currently use the dropdown to select different job statuses on both the runbooks list and the Runbook >Jobs list views.

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  • Tim Pringle commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Beth,

    re fonts, i think this is general authoring really.

    For the filtering, it was more if i want to do some type of additional criteria search. e.g. list jobs that have one of two statuses. At the moment it seems only possible to filter/search on one status at a time.

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