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How to Change Hotmail Password?

Changing of passwords are really necessary to prevent the account from hacking as we won't know at what time someone is watching us you will have to know all those. When you think of most used account, Hotmail you should know how to change Hotmail password as well. It is not like it is of no use if you are not using it constantly.
So go with the steps below and make sure you change the password to keep it secure. Because you must never lose your identity it is the major part of life. As there is a high level of cyber theft taking place you should protect your account.
Go to your Hotmail app or go to your mobile settings.
Then you will find an option accounts click on that and select the Hotmail account.
It will ask you to enter the password but below you will find re-enter password button click on it.
After that, you will have to enter the email address again and then click on sign in.
Where if you have selected two-step verification you will receive a pop out on screen or through mobile verification number.
So when this is done you can create the new password and then use the account like before.
The process of changing the Hotmail password differs from device to device, but it doesn’t completely vary.

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