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Query Log Analytics metrics data using APIs

The Monitor API does not return time-series data for Log Analytics Metrics.

Steps to reproduce.

1. Go to and click "Try it.
2. Enter a resource ID for a Microsoft.OperationalInsights (Log Analytics) that contains a Platform Heartbeat metric.
3. Enter "metricnames" and "Heartbeat", be sure to click "+" after
4. Click Run

The Timeseries collection is empty.

When I run a query like the following through analytics I do see data:

// See the last heartbeat for each computer in the last hour
| where TimeGenerated > ago(1h)
| summarize
latest_heartbeat = max(TimeGenerated), // time of the most recent heartbeat
OS = strcat(any(OSType),' ',any(OSName)), // OS type and name
Location=any(RemoteIPCountry) // computer location, according to IP address
by Computer

The API does return a 200 valid response, but the time-series object in the response always seems to be empty regardless of the metric/dimensions requested.

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