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  1. Please modify the DSC Installation Scripts for linux to not run things out of /tmp

    CIS hardening techniques suggests to mark /tmp with noexec. If one does this, then they cannot register the VM with Azure Automation DSC as the python install scripts look to be running things out of /tmp.

    The error that is produced in the logs is misleading as well.

    2019/05/30 19:34:24 ERROR:Checking for ctypes python module...Error: Python does not support ctypes on this system. Please install the ctypes module for Python or upgrade to a newer version of python that comes with the ctypes module.

    ctypes isn't the issue here, noexec being placed on /tmp is.


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    Thanks for the valid suggestion. Your feedback is now open for the user community to upvote which allows us to effectively prioritize your request against our existing feature backlog and also gives us insight into the potential impact of implementing the suggested feature.

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